Same Day Crowns Vs. Traditional Crowns: What You Need to Know

Same Day Crowns Vs. Traditional Crowns: What You Need to Know

Dental crowns break down into two main types: traditional and same day crowns. Both crowns are great options for restoring damaged teeth, but how different are they? Is one better than the other? Well, keep reading to find out everything there is to learn about traditional and same day crowns.

What Is a Traditional Crown?

A traditional crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that goes over damaged teeth to give them back their shape and functionality. Traditional crowns are mostly made from metal (gold, silver, stainless steel) while some consist of a metal interior and a porcelain exterior. These are known as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Dentists use a strong adhesive to fix these crowns on your teeth permanently.

What Is a Same Day Crown?

Like traditional crowns, same day crowns are also tooth restorations but are purely made from ceramic, which matches the natural teeth. They offer much more convenient than traditional crowns as they can be made and placed in a single appointment.

How Treatment Differs

Traditional and same day crowns share the same anatomy and functionality but differ in the treatment technique. The procedure for getting traditional crowns involves two dentist sessions. The first session involves taking molds of your teeth to create impressions for the crowns. The second one involves fitting the crown permanently on your teeth.

Same day crowns, on the other hand, only require a single session. As the name implies, these crowns are measured and manufactured within the same day in a single sitting. The crowns utilize digital scanning and milling technologies to manufacture crowns to your specifications in no more than an hour.

How Cost Differs

Same day crowns are only slightly more expensive than traditional crowns. That's because the skill and technology needed to manufacture same day crowns attract a significant cost. However, traditional crowns can also run your tab since they require the manufacturing of a temporary crown that you wear while you wait for the actual crowns. These temporary crowns add to the final cost.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Vs. CEREC Same Day Crowns

When it comes to choosing between traditional crowns and CEREC same day crowns, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to consider. Traditional crowns offer a wider range of material options and are renowned for their durability, making them an excellent choice for complex dental issues such as severe decay or tooth fractures. However, they come with certain drawbacks, including the need for multiple appointments, temporary crowns that can be uncomfortable, and the removal of some enamel during the process.

On the other hand, CEREC same day crowns present a more convenient option, requiring just a single visit to the dentist's office. This not only saves you time but also minimizes any discomfort associated with multiple appointments. These crowns are minimally invasive, preserving the majority of your natural tooth structure, and reduce the risk of bacterial infection or tooth contamination. Nevertheless, it's important to note that same day crowns are typically limited to ceramic as the material choice and may not be available in all dental practices.

How to Make Your Choice

The best option between same day and traditional crowns depends on your needs. If you need something quick and convenient, same day crowns are your best bet. However, if you’re going for strength, durability, and practicability, you’ll do better with traditional crowns.

Still stuck on choosing between traditional and same day crowns? If so, contactColesville Dentistry, and one of our dentists will help you make the right choice and arrange your crown procedure immediately.

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