Here at Colesville Dentistry, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. See for yourself what our customers are saying:

“All of my life I had been very self-conscious about my teeth and would purposely keep my mouth closed at picture taking time. Both my mother and grandmother wore dentures from an early age. I thought I was doomed to follow in their footsteps. When I met Dr. Hysong and his very capable staff, my fears were put to rest. He assured me that not only would he save my existing teeth, but replace any missing ones as well. I looked forward to each visit at Colesville Dentistry and had no reservations about trusting my new dentist. I am amazed at how quickly and painlessly my mouth has been transformed. Now at over “55” I have finally “come alive”. No more hiding my teeth and worrying. I must also compliment Dr. Hysong on his very beautiful and well-equipped office. I believe it is the best place to go for complete and professional dental care.”
-    Marcia Klippa

“What a difference Dr. Hysong made… not only in the way my teeth look and feel, but how much better I feel about myself! Dr. Hysong bonded and sculpted my chipped front teeth and they look so natural now. I no longer smile awkwardly or worry what others will think when I simile big. My confidence is back.”
-    Geoffrey Lawrence

“The first thing I notice about people when they talk is their teeth, so it is important to me to personally present a good first impression. I always brushed my teeth, but it became difficult to hide the fact that my teeth were a composite of fillings, chips, and cracks. Dr. Hysong established a plan to systematically replace my misshapen, stained, filling-laden teeth with beautiful, translucent, porcelain crowns. Thank you, Dr. Hysong. You are the king of restorative dentistry! I love the way I look!”
-    Deborah Schultz

“I thought that finally getting the braces off my teeth would give me a nice smile, but it was Dr. Hysong who gave me a vibrant smile! The patchy discoloration and uneven length of my teeth was so obvious with my braces off. Dr. Hysong sculpted and whitened my teeth. He actually gave me a smile makeover and the results are dramatic!”
-    Megan L.

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“After years of caring for my family, I realized I hadn’t been to a dentist in more time than I care to admit. When I discovered Colesville Dentistry, I was apprehensive at first because it had been so long since my last dental exam, but Dr. LePore assured me that everything would be ok. She recommended a plan to get my teeth and oral health back to where it should be. Today, I am thankful that I discovered Colesville Dentistry and will never fear another check-up again!”
-    Janice Jackman

“ Ever since I was a teenager, I was embarrassed of my yellow smile. I tried whitening toothpaste, but they didn’t work, and those whitening strips never lasted long. My mother referred me to Colesville Dentistry, and it was incredible advice. Upon visiting Dr. LePore, I was impressed with the friendly staff and clean office. Dr. LePore was able to reassure me that my whitening procedure would be painless and quick. Sure enough, in no time, I had the beautiful, white smile that I’ve always dreamed of. Today I am a much more confidant person because of my white smile and I no longer fear going to the dentist. I highly recommend Colesville Dentistry to anyone seeking cosmetic procedures.”
-    Laura Harper

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