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By Colesville Dentistry
November 27, 2017
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What your dentists in Silver Spring want you to knowprofessional teeth cleanings

If you brush several times each day and floss every day, it’s easy to think that you’ve done enough to protect your smile, but you would be wrong. You also need to have your teeth cleaned by a dental professional at least twice each year, more often if you have gum or periodontal disease. Dr. Gregory Hysong and Dr. Lynda LePore at Colesville Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD want to share the importance of professional teeth cleanings and how they can save your smile.

You’ve probably heard all the lectures about brushing and flossing, but the truth is brushing and flossing only remove the soft deposits, known as plaque, which clings to your teeth. It’s important to remove the plaque because it contains millions of microscopic bacteria which produce poisons strong enough to destroy your gums, teeth and the bone that supports your teeth. So, if you brush and floss regularly, good for you, and keep on doing it!

Professional teeth cleanings remove the soft deposits, but they also remove the hard deposits too. These hard deposits, known as calculus or tartar, provide a rough surface for plaque to cling to. The plaque thrives on the rough surfaces that calculus creates.

Your dental professional uses high-tech ultrasonic devices and custom tools to remove the hard deposits and create a smooth tooth surface that plaque can’t cling to easily. Hard deposits are above and below the gumline, and your dental professional is highly skilled at removing them all.

During your teeth cleaning appointment, your dental professional will also polish your teeth to remove stains and make your smile shine. You will also receive tips and tools to help keep your smile healthy at home.

Typically, professional cleanings should be performed every six months, but you may need them more often if you show any signs of gum and periodontal disease like bleeding, red or swollen gums, pain in your gums, or tooth sensitivity.

Teeth cleanings are important for many reasons, so remember to schedule your professional teeth cleaning appointment regularly. For more information about professional teeth cleaning and other preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services call Dr. Hysong and Dr. LePore at Colesville Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD today!