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October 02, 2019
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Dental crowns are one of the most versatile and reliable treatments available today. From cosmetic damage to severe tooth decay and tooth loss, crowns are a staple of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Here at Colesville Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD, your dentists, Dr. Gregory Hysong and Dr. Lynda LePore, use crowns to the benefit of patients' smiles—read on to learn more!

Invest in Your Smile and Oral Health with Dental Crowns in Silver Spring, MD

Dental crowns have been in use in some form or another for almost as long as the practice of dentistry itself. Over time, the materials, design, and procedures regarding crowns have evolved throughout the years, allowing them to remain one of the most important tools available to modern dentists. Crowns can either cover (cap) a damaged tooth, or they can replace missing teeth with a bridge or dental implants.

If a tooth has a cavity that's too large to be filled and treated with a standard filling, or if there is not enough healthy surface remaining for a filling, a dental crown may be used to save and strengthen the severely decayed tooth.

A crown can also save a fractured or broken tooth after trauma or root canal therapy.

How Dental Crowns Work

There are a number of options available depending on your individual needs and circumstances. Dental crowns are available in a few different types of materials, including:

  • Porcelain
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Gold
  • Resin (a combination of dental-grade plastic and other materials that resemble natural tooth enamel)

With proper care, a typical dental crown can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years or longer!

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