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June 18, 2019
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Recognizing the symptoms of dental decay can help you protect your oral health by addressing cavities before they reach a dangerous fillingslevel. Read on to learn about the tell-tale signs of tooth decay, and contact your Silver Spring, MD, dentists, Drs. Gregory Hysong and Lynda LePore of Colesville Dentistry, if you feel that you may need dental care.

You have a toothache

Tooth pain is a definite sign that there's something wrong with your smile. The pain can be either constant or come-and-go, although, either way, chewing or pressing on the tooth generally increases the discomfort.

Additionally, you should call your Silver Spring dentist immediately if you start experiencing severe pain, for if the decay spreads to the soft pulp in the center of your tooth, you could develop a bacterial infection. In these cases, not only will you have severe, throbbing pain, but you will also exhibit other possible abscess symptoms include facial swelling, fever, and swollen lymph nodes.

Eating makes everything worse

Normally, changes in temperature don't drastically affect your teeth, however, when you have a cavity, they can become very sensitive to hot/cold beverages and foods. For instance, ice-cold drinks and steaming hot pizza can both cause sensitivity that can last as long as 30 minutes after you finish a meal. Additionally, sugary foods and beverages can trigger painful sensitivity, as well.

You see spots

A brown or black spot on your tooth is another classic symptom of cavities. If the spot remains after you brush your teeth, it may be caused by a cavity. A visit to the dentist is essential if you don't want the decay to spread to nearby teeth.

Your teeth have holes

The acids that cause cavities are very strong and capable of destroying tooth enamel. They can even cause small holes in your teeth. Let your dentist know as soon as possible if you notice a hole in your tooth.

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