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March 18, 2015
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TobaccoSmoking causes far more damage to your mouth than just tooth discoloration or bad breath.

Warnings about tobacco usage are common knowledge - an array of life-threatening cancers are associated with smoking. The entire body can be ravaged by the chemicals contained in tobacco products, including the teeth and the tissues inside the mouth. Read on to learn how tobacco does more than just turn your teeth an unattractive yellow shade from Colesville Dentistry in Silver Spring.

More serious than stains

Cigarette smokers are more susceptible to a host of conditions, including all forms of oral problems. It's estimated that 50 percent of adults who smoke have periodontal disease, a chronic disorder that causes the gums to recede and become inflamed. Because tobacco lowers the effectiveness of the body's immune system, treating gum disease with conventional methods may not work as well for smokers. However, left untreated, periodontal disease can result in tooth and bone loss. In fact, smokers are twice as likely to have missing teeth than those who do not smoke.

No smoke is no safer

Cigarettes are not the only tobacco product that devastate your oral health. Cancers of the mouth, including the cheeks, gums, and inside of the lips, are linked with the use of snuff or chewing tobacco. Those who use these "smokeless" products are a staggering 50 times more likely to develop the associated cancers than those who have never used them. These tobacco items are also abrasive, causing the protective enamel of the teeth to wear away over time.

Quitting is key

If you've recently quit smoking, congratulations! Your body has already started the process of healing itself. The remaining stains on your teeth can be an unpleasant reminder of your former habit, but in many cases, they are easily resolved in just one in-office whitening treatment at Colesville Dentistry in Silver Spring. If you're experiencing other problems that smoking or chewing may have caused, these can be addressed by the staff as well. Call today to make an appointment that will help you stay on the road to recovery!


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