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By Colesville Dentistry
May 08, 2015
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Patient Reviews Find out for yourself why our patients love Colesville Dentistry Silver Spring.

When it comes to your health it’s important to be able to establish good rapport with your doctor. After all, they are partially in charge of your health and you’ll have to work closely with them to make sure that you remain healthy. This same statement should be true for your dentist. If you are looking for a Silver Spring dentist that can promise a comforting environment, expert staff and a variety of services then find out why Colesville Dentistry has become the choice of Silver Spring.

One deciding factor for choosing a dentist should be the comfort level you feel around them. You want a doctor who listens and addresses your concerns, no matter if you’re just having a routine cleaning or getting dental implants:

“It is always such a pleasure dealing with Colesville Dentistry and Dr. Lepore. It really is like dealing with family and you always feel welcome and treated with caring and kindness. My family has been coming to see Dr. Lepore for the last 30 years and in all that time we have never had a bad experience. We travel about 40 minutes each way, but the drive is well worth it.” — Charles F.

Some patients don’t even mind driving out of their way to get better quality care!

We also offer dental services for patients of all ages, from children to older adults. We are happy to care for anyone’s smiles:

“Doctors Hysong and LePore are the most competent, professional, and congenial of any dentists I have been a patient of in my 91 years of life. Their staff reflects these qualities.” — Richard S.

91 years old and still coming to our office for routine cleanings and care? That’s definitely major dedication to good oral health (now you have no excuses!)

We know that some patients come with dental anxiety or even phobias about see their Silver Spring dentist. While we don’t take it personally we do everything we can to try and make sure that your next dental visit is gentle and relaxing:

“I'm a big baby when it comes to the dentist, but I have to say Dr. Hysong and the staff make it go a little easier.” — Lisa C.

So, what are you waiting for? If it’s time to schedule a routine dental visit then find out for yourself what makes Colesville Dentistry a revered dental office in Silver Spring.

By Colesville Dentistry
September 22, 2014
Category: Social Media
At Colesville Dentistry we strive to ensure that each of our patients leave our office feeling and looking better than ever. Many say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we think your smile is, too. If you have visited our dental office serving Silver Springs and Cloverly for a dental procedure, from routine cleanings to teeth whitening and dental implants, we want to hear about your experience with our dental team.

Colesville DentistryWhere do I go?

First, we offer a section on our homepage for you to view what other patients are saying. Feel free to visit our homepage to read about other experiences while at Colesville Dentistry—you won’t be let down! You can also leave a review, or to view them as well, by visiting a popular review site, such as Google or Yelp. You can visit any review site by searching online or by visiting:
  • Google+
  • Yelp
  • Smile Reminder

What are others saying?

While you can view other patients’ reviews on the sites previously mentioned, we want to share a couple with you to view on here. Let’s take a look at a view reviews from Google+, Yelp and Smile Reminder:
On Google+, one patient left a glowing 5-star review that stated:
“The first thing I notice about people when they talk is their teeth, so it is important to me, personally, to present a good first impression with pretty, white teeth. Thank you to Dr. Hysong for giving me such a beautiful smile. It is a real confidence booster! Dr. Hysong is an exceptional dentist, his staff is considerate and professional, and his office is comfortable and convenient. I will never go to another dentist.”
Colesville Dentistry also received a great 5-star review on Yelp from a patient who summarized:
“This is a top tier dental practice—in fact one of the best that I have ever been to. This dental practice is by far the most professional, honest and down to earth practice I’ve ever had the privilege of going to. The prices were excellent and the service was great. The care and communication was excellent.”

Additionally, on Smile Reminder, a patient who was once afraid of the dentist shared her experience:

“Colesville Dentistry is an amazing place. I am a patient who is afraid of going to the dentist. For that reason, I put off things that needed to be done. Since going to this practice (about 5 years now) I have lost my fear because of their kindness and professionalism. I would highly recommend this office!”
As you can see, there are numerous patients who are happy with their experience with our Silver Springs general dentists. If you have visited us recently, please feel free to share your story, too! We want to continue to be your choice in a go-to dentist serving Cloverly and Silver Springs areas and your reviews help us do just that!