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What Makes Professional Teeth Whitening Special?

Why you should choose professional teeth whitening

If you have stained, dull teeth you’ve probably considered over-the-counter whitening products at your local grocery store. You may haveteeth whitening even tried a few, only to find the results weren’t as dramatic as you’d like, and the results didn’t last long enough. It’s time for you to think about a professional whitening treatment. Professional whitening treatments are special because they give you dramatic results that last. Call the whitening experts, your dentists at Colesville Dentistry in Silver Spring, Maryland and discover what makes professional whitening special for you.

Smoking, drinking tea or coffee and eating highly pigmented foods like berries are just some of the things that can stain your teeth. The biggest reason your teeth begin to look yellow and dull is the aging process. Aging works on your body and on your teeth. As the years go by, your enamel becomes thinner and you can see through to the layer underneath called dentin. This layer is yellow and gets darker as you age. The result is teeth that look darker, more yellow, and dull.

You can change the look of your teeth dramatically with a professional whitening treatment. You will experience many benefits to a professional teeth whitening treatment including:

  • A much more dramatic whitening result, up to 8 shades whiter!
  • A result that lasts much longer, up to 5 years!
  • A younger look because of your younger looking white smile
  • Increased confidence knowing you look your best
  • Increased self-esteem because you will want to smile more

Common reasons why people seek out professional whitening are to make a great first impression for job interviews or special events like weddings and reunions. You don’t need a reason to seek out professional whitening because the wonderful results speak for themselves.

If you prefer a more private method, at-home kits are available which you take home and use in the privacy and convenience of your home.

It’s time for you to discover why professional whitening treatments are special. If you want to erase the years and stains on your teeth call your dentists at Colesville Dentistry in Silver Spring, Maryland and find out more about professional whitening. Call today!

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